Are you ready to get rid of that middle aged spread and get back to the person you remember.

There are loads of people, groups and products telling you that if you buy this, do that or eat this, you’ll loose weight …I know I’ve tried most of them over the years and yes you can loose weight.

So why aren’t we all our perfect size and shape?

Because, they are difficult to follow, they are demanding, they take lots of self control and as soon as we feel like we’ve lost some weight we reward ourselves with all the things that are ‘bad’ for us and before we know it our will power gives in and we’re back to where we were before or even worse.

It’s not rocket science, in fact it’s so easy we just need to be reminded of what actually works and how to achieve it and that’s where I come in.

A calorie deficit will cause you to loose weight, it sounds scientific doesn’t it, but, it just means don’t put more energy (food) in than your body burns.

Now however simple that sounds, it is difficult and many people struggle with this. If we’re honest we all know the reasons, we have jobs that don’t require a lot of physical activity, food is cheap and available and here’s the slap in the face …we are greedy, we like food and drink, and we’ve got in the habit of reaching for snacks and having too much of a good thing!

So how am I going to be able to help you loose weight and keep it off?

I can’t do this by myself, short of spending every hour of the day with you and believe me you don’t want that, just ask my wife!

What I can do, is what I did for myself, I can help you manage what goes in and what comes out so you live within a calorie deficit. I won’t tell you you can’t have this or you have to do that. What I will do is explain what you need to do to counter your own choices, so if you want to eat or drink something that has a lot of calorific value, I’ll show you what you need to do to maintain your calorie deficit.

The advantage of this approach to weight loss is there isn’t any restrictions, there are consequences! but most people understand that and it’s the consequences that actually help with the choices you make going forward, it becomes a balance that you can live with and I’m proof of that.

My story

If you’re going to work with a coach, pick one that has done what they are going to ask you to do!

Like many people, I settled down, got married, had children and started gaining weight. I honestly think it comes from being happy and content with life, but it wasn’t too long before the negativity started to creep in. I felt uncomfortable in my clothes, I dodged  mirrors and cameras, I lacked energy and lost confidence in myself.

When I decided to do something about it I was 294lb, I went flat out on a diet, I stopped eating processed food and I lost around 2 stone but eventually I fell off the diets and gained the weight back in no time.

I tried lots of diets like the Atkins diet, slim fast diet, bought into meal plans off the internet and yes, they work, they do work, but none of them were sustainable and again after losing a little I gained it back again.

Calorie control and flexible dieting …16 years and counting!

I read an article on flexible dieting on the internet and with the help of a coach, I began what has become a sustainable approach to my diet and exercise which I have been able to maintain for the last 16 years.

Over the years I found myself sharing my experiences with friends and colleagues and got so much pleasure from helping other people change their lifestyles, that I decided to do the hard work and get my coaching qualifications, graduating from the SBS academy working with some of the best coaches in the world.

I mentioned earlier ‘it isn’t rocket science’, well at times it felt like it!

I really enjoyed the process, the science behind exercise and nutrition is fascinating and I still spend hours on the internet reading papers and studies.

Back to you!

I started my online coaching business ‘Evidence Based Coaching’ in 2015 and have worked with lots of different of clients from, professional and amateur athletes to stay at home mums and busy professional dads. You can see some of the results I’ve achieved by following this link to the #TeamEBC page.

My ideal client

Professionals looking to drop body fat and regain energy and confidence. It’s not surprising these are the clients I relate to, this was me!

It doesn’t matter what experience of exercise or nutrition you have, that’s our job!

All we ask is you are honest with me, if you can’t do that, I can’t help you, it’s as simple as that.

I’ll start by focusing on your nutrition & exercise, providing you with the advice, guidance and support you need to achieve a calorie deficit. As soon as you reach this stage you will start to loose weight and change shape.

My input into your routine will start to create new habits and choices, that most clients report to have a beneficial impact on other areas of their life. Not surprising really, positivity spreads positivity.

How long does coaching last

That’s up to you, some people just need a bit of help to get started and run with it, others enjoy the interaction of a coach and like to work with a coach the same way you work with a colleague. What ever you choose you can be sure I will be here to support you as and when you need us.

Ok so what’s next

A conversation is a must, I need to know a bit about you and likewise, I’m sure you will have some questions for me.

I normally do this using Zoom video conference, but first contact can be an email to: or complete the enquiry form on the contact page.

I’ll be in touch within 24 hours. Thanks for your time, Craig.


What are my choices?

Paul Riste

A high performing professional who eats what he wants, travels all over the world and has tried all the fad diets.