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Even In Times Of Adversity!

Please note: Our program is a personalised bespoke 1-1 coaching program, designed for the executive lifestyle. We tackle challenges like constant travel, time management in high-stress jobs, and navigating dietary pitfalls at business dinners with targeted strategies. This is for those who prioritize personalized support and accountability, not a budget, one-size-fits-all solution with limited oversight. If you're seeking a cheap, generic program, then we're not the right fit.

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Gameplan Call

45 Mins
This is a Health is Wealth Executive™️ health assessment call.⁣ ⁣ On this call, I'll be going through 3 things.⁣ ⁣ 1. What's not working for you right now health and fitness wise⁣ ⁣ 2. Where you would like to be in 6-12 months and why it's important⁣ ⁣ 3. What’s stopping you from getting there right now⁣ ⁣ I'll be giving you a roadmap to success that you will be able to execute immediately after our call, giving you clarity on exactly what you need to do to get in shape, live longer and become the healthiest version of yourself.

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Are You Ready To Use The Exact System That's Helped Over 1000 High Performers Dominate & Take Control Of Their Health, Wealth And Relationships?

Congratulations on taking interest in the 'Health Is Wealth Programme™' designed for executives like you. This program is your gateway to a healthier life without the need for complex workouts, costly diets, or sifting through unreliable social media advice.

I'm passionate about helping people achieve lasting fitness. With 20 years of experience, I've transformed my physique, shedding 146 lbs, and have guided over 1000 individuals through similar transformations. My journey has proven that real change is possible, even amidst life's challenges and a flood of misinformation.

The Health Is Wealth Programme™, launched in 2013, was my response to the confusion and ineffective advice prevalent in the fitness industry. I realized that simplicity is key, especially for time-constrained executives.

Our program, centred around 'The 4 Pillar' System', is crafted to overcome the initial challenge of the first 100 days, offering a straightforward path to fitness that doesn't sacrifice your lifestyle. This is about finding a sustainable solution that fits into your life permanently.

What Makes the health is wealth program different?

More than anything you have ever experienced before


Optimise Your Sleep

Your Sleep Hygiene refers to a compilation of sleep metrics. We track and more importantly teach you how to manage and improve your sleep quality. A busy executive does not always have the luxury of more hours asleep. They can however increase the efficiency of sleep and learn how to fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

Increase Daily Energy & Focus

Your Sleep Hygiene refers to a compilation of sleep metrics. We track and more importantly teach you how to manage and improve your sleep quality. A busy executive does not always have the luxury of more hours asleep. They can however increase the efficiency of sleep and learn how to fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.


Reduce Your Biological Age

In today’s fast-paced world, for busy executives, enhancing Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is key to reducing biological age and improving health. Prioritizing practices that elevate HRV—mindfulness, balanced diet, regular exercise, and sufficient sleep—can turn back the biological clock, boosting both professional performance and long-term vitality. This strategic approach to health management offers a competitive edge, ensuring sustained success and well-being.

Unique Nutritional Protocols

No fad diets, just strong scientific principles of nutrition applied to every single plan. Your nutrition plan will be built around your current health status, work, life stress and balance.

Long term success is key to the effectiveness of this program. Therefore you have to enjoy the nutrition plan long term and you will.

Improve Cardiovascular Health

This program monitors key areas that contribute to a healthy heart from the inside out. In addition, blood pressure, various resting heart rate, HRV (Heart Rate Variability), along with sleep duration and quality.

Analysis of training sessions will allow for aerobic and anaerobic health to be assessed on a weekly basis.

Guaranteed Results

With 10 years of experience working with CEO’s, CFO’s, Bankers, Partners, and Senior Executives. We understand the precise wants and needs of your demanding lifestyles.

Real data points are taken and analysed on a weekly basis allowing clear results tracking and accountability to occur.


  • More energy for kids and family

  • Learn how to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle to pass on to your immediate family and children

  • Life changing confidence

  • ​​Happier & Healthier

  • Add QUALITY Years to your life

  • ​No more wasting HOURS of your week (that you don't get back)

  • ​​A coach and support to walk you through every step fo the way - We are in your pocket

  • ​​No more confusion around workouts & nutrition

  • This will be the last fitness programme you ever NEED

And here's some of the magic sauce behind how we Consistently transform the lives of busy professional men around the world

Our Specialist Coaching

  • Fully Tailored Training & Exercise Execution Programme

  • Tailored Flexible Nutrition Plan With Templates

  • Weekly Detailed Assessment (Data/Performance/Feedback)

  • Progressive Changes To Programme Made Based On Data

  • ​24 Week Phased Training Programme

  • Access To The EBC Portal™

  • Access To EBC Members Lab™

  • ​Access - 400+ Exercise Tutorials™

  • ​Access - EBC Workout Routines™

Our unrivalled accountability

  • 1-1 Accountability & Problem-Solving Calls

  • Daily Accountability

  • Daily Messenger Support 24/7

  • ​Midweek Touch Points

  • ​Weekly Check-Ins/Feedback/Calls

Our entire course database

  • Neurotyping Breakdown Ebook™

  • Nutritional Education Masterclass Course™

  • Mastering Your Mindset Course™

  • ​Muscle Building Mastery Course™

  • ​Managing Stress Course™

Cheat sheets and downloadable frameworks

  • The 2 Hour GSD Morning Routine™ To Win The Day

  • The Health Is Wealth Energy Boosting Blueprint™ - Daily Checklist

  • HIW Supplementation Checklist™ - No Guesswork

  • ​Fat Loss Healthy Snacking Guide™

  • ​Battle Your Cravings Blueprint™

  • ​HIW Cookbook™ Library - Healthy Fat Loss Family Meals Cookbook - Over 300 Recipe’s

  • ​Healthy Food Shopping Checklist™

  • HIW Gut Health Blueprint™

  • Travelling Nutrition Protocols & Workout Programmes

  • Eating Out Guides For All Major UK/US Chains

  • ​HIW Meal Prep Guide™

  • ​HIW Sleeping Guide™

  • HIW Meal Plan Builder™

  • ​Complete Guide To MyFitnessPal™

  • ​Training Volume Landmarks Ebook™

  • ​EBC Habit Tracker™

  • ​EBC Guide To Protein™

  • ​EBC Welcome Guide™

  • ​Meal Plan Examples

But don't Just take our word for it...

Here's what our awesome clients had to say

Jon Corbett

STRUGGLE: Over weight, no energy, no confidence

LOST: Lost 70 LBS in 30 weeks, more lean muscle tissue

ACHIEVED: More energy, more confidence, off high blood pressure meds, best he's felt in years

Paul Riste

STRUGGLE: Hated what he saw in the mirror

LOST: Lost 36 LBS in 16 weeks, more lean muscle tissue, never had abs before

ACHIEVED: More energy, more confidence, food freedom and the education to carry on his journey

Michael Driscoll

STRUGGLE: Felt trapped in his body, couldn't see a way out

LOST: 28 LBS of body fat in 12 weeks

ACHIEVED: Energy levels through the roof, motivation, feels like a new person

Dr Peter Cliff

STRUGGLE: No structure in place, time constraints

LOST: 26 LBS in 12 weeks of body fat

ACHIEVED: Never eaten so much food, more energy, improved sleep

Christopher Allan

STRUGGLE: Obese, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea

LOST: A total loss of 58 LBS in 24 weeks

ACHIEVED: Off all of his medication. Fitter and ran a half marathon, eating the foods he enjoys, feels like a different person, lots of energy

But wait...

before you click that button, there's one thing you must know...

This Is NOT For Men Who...

  • Jump from program to program “hoping” for results

  • Think they already know it all.

  • Are seeking an 8 week fat loss plan .

  • ​​Don’t speak up when they need help or guidance.

  • Cannot commit at least 3x30 minute workouts per week.

  • Do not want to work together to craft a lifelong solution .

  • Cannot follow through on their word.

This IS For Men Who...

  • Want to lose fat forever and still have a life

  • Are lost in the confusion over social media and how to lose fat forever.

  • Accept constructive criticism and are SPONGES to learn and grow.

  • ​Want to live a healthier, happier and longer life.

  • Want to feel confident and proud when they see their physique in the mirror.

  • Want to be a better father, husband and professional .

So if this is you, click the button below and don't miss this opportunity

Large Call to Action Headline

Large Call to Action Headline

Meet Craig

Founder of the health is wealth program

Back in February of 2013, I started coaching online. I seen how much BS there was out there and how much confusion was being caused in the marketplace.

I started by creating complex programmes for people who were at my level at the time. What a mistake! Complex macros and 90 minute workouts - totally unnecessary.

Now while I’ve been able to guide our members more fat loss success, we came across a recurring roadblock—the first 100 days. We have now built what I believe to be one of the best Fat Loss Programmes on the planet - Especially for time-poor busy professionals.

Feeling inspired...this could be YOU!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions? let's see if i can answer them here

 "How do I take the call?"

The call will be via Zoom video call or via WhatsApp call whichever is most convenient for you, the preferred method is via zoom.

 "What do I need for the call?"

For the call please make sure your in a quiet area, with a good internet connection and a pen/paper for making any notes. The call can be taken via a laptop or mobile phone.

 "Will it be a hard sell?"

No, this is a consultation to help you, on the call we will run through where you are now with your fitness goals, what your looking to achieve and whats currently holding you back. Once we have identified these 3 key factors we can then map out a strategy to help you achieve your goals with speed and certainty.

 "What do I need for the call?"

For the call please make sure your in a quiet area, with a good internet connection and a pen/paper for making any notes. The call can be taken via a laptop or mobile phone.

"What do I need for the program? Do I need to train in a gym?"

Ideally yes but as we have seen with the corona virus out break, we have clients all over the world that have been able to achieve World Class Results from home!".

 "How soon will I see results?"

You will see progress within the first few weeks. The first 2 weeks initiates with a metabolic priming phase phase, so for the majority of our students this is when things really start to accelerate (some slower or faster than others). Our science based carbohydrate initiation phase then begins and as we start to learn your body, results become inevitable.

 "I've tried so many programmes, how is this one different?"

Most fitness programs do not work. They fail to focus on the variables and levers that really matter. Once you join this program, there's no going back! Within the first 1-2 weeks, you will see dramatic improvements in strength. As well, you will be leaner and sharper. There's a reason why we have so many incredible transformations. Most of our clients failed countless times before jumping on this program!

"I'm not sure I have time to train."

This is a very common worry, but trust me, you'll be amazed how quick and short the workouts are at just 40 minutes 3x per week as a minimum we can make some great progress. If you cannot commit 40 minutes a few times per week, then I cannot help you.

"Is a diet plan included?"

Yes! We use our flexible nutrition system to create a tailored plan for your needs and goals. We will be educating you on nutrition. We'll tell you exactly how much to eat & when. You just need to cook the food and eat it! 

 "Can I have dinner with my family?"

Yes, the most important thing for success is being able to maintain it whilst on the program. Most of our clients are devoted family men who aim to provide for their families. They are often doing this program for their families. To become better husbands. Better fathers. Better men. Sacrificing time with your family is never and will never be a priority of ours.

 "Can I still eat out?"

Yes of course this can be factored into your plan, when you sign up you are also given guidance on how to eat out in some specific big name restaurants.

 "Will I have to eat foods I don't like?"

Absolutely not! The way we coach allows you to keep eating the foods you always have been (in moderation) and still get results.

 "Can I still enjoy holidays?"

Yes!! We have separate strategies that can be applied for these trips that will allow you to enjoy your vacations and still make progress.

 "Is the programme complicated?"

Absolutely not. Our goal is to make everything streamlined, simple & efficient. To make sure we're doing the thinking for you and all you're doing is taking action.

 "Will you create a structure for my days and weeks to get results?"

Yes, everything we do within The Health is Wealth Programme is perfectly crafted for you (not just the science but ensuring it is user friendly, easy to follow and eliminates every aspect of potential guesswork). After all, we are here to add enormous value to your life, and save time, where there is a clear path to success.

So if this is you, Book Your Call Today By Choosing A Time On Our Calendar

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